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…a new lease on life…

The Remzy Blanket has given me a new lease on life! As I have aged, I found sleeping through the night to be very difficult. Dr. Breus’ Sleep Program helped me to identify many of my issues. I enjoyed the “7 Nights to a Better Sleep Program” and was able to review each session at my own leisure. I applied many of the techniques while using my Remzy Blanket. I am now able to get a full night’s sleep and feel alert during the day.
The Remzy Blanket is the perfect weight (12 Lbs.) for me. I tried other blankets and found anything heavier to be cumbersome and difficult to move from my bed to the couch (I like to sit in my chair with it while watching TV). The removable duvet is great and washes up nicely.
Thank you, Dr. Breus and Remzy! Not only have you helped me sleep better but you made my Christmas shopping very easy. My family & close friends are getting a Remzy Blanket this year!

Marie, age 67, MN

…a great night’s sleep…

Oftentimes I experience anxiety and restlessness, this used to lead to many sleepless nights and difficulties just trying to unwind after work. That was until I got my Remzy weighted blanket. Whether you are looking for a great night’s sleep, or something to help you relax, a weighted blanket can help.

Zachary D., Round Lake, IL

…an immediate wave of calm…

My 20+ daughter was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. One happened while she was at my home. I gave her my Remzy blanket and told her to give it a try. It was like an immediate wave of calm washed over her. the calming weight and the soft plush cover provided a soothing tactile experience that allowed her to relax and regain focus.
Looks like I’ll be buying myself another Remzy, I don’t think she is ever going to give that one up.
Thanks Remzy!

R. Mae, Danbury, CT

New Testimonial – January 30, 2020, 2:47 pm

The Remzy blanket helped me fall asleep quickly, and the cover is so soft!

A. Ferguson, Pittsboro, NC

The Remzy weighted blanket has literally changed my life!

I have had anxiety and difficulty falling asleep since I was a child.  As I've gotten older, that difficulty has expanded into not being able to stay asleep throughout the night.  Before using the blanket it was taking me anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to fall asleep, waking up as many as 6 times a night.  I was exhausted and considering going to have a sleep study to be evaluated for insomnia.

The first two nights using the blanket took some adjusting, as I was not used to sleeping with that much weight on me. By the third night, I was asleep within 30 minutes and only woke up twice. At two-plus weeks, it was taking me 10 minutes to fall asleep, and I was sleeping through the entire night!  I cannot express what a big deal this was for me.

I have been using the blanket for over a month now and have still only used half the weight. I was hoping that if any other sleep issues came up I would be able to increase the weight by using the entire blanket.  To be honest, I can't remember a time in my life, ever, when I have had so many good night’s sleep in a row.
Thank you!

The quality is excellent, the cover is soft and warm on one side, and smooth and cool on the other. Perfect for any type of sleeper.


Claudia from Pittsboro, NC



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